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Weight problems

Do you feel uncomfortable with your weight, have you already tried countless diets and despite the short-term successes have not managed to maintain your feel-good weight in the long term?

Many people are dissatisfied with their weight. Some want to reduce their body weight and strive for a slim body. Others fight for every extra kilogram on the scale and want shapely curves. This persistent dissatisfaction with one's own body can have an enormous impact on the quality of life. Suddenly everything revolves around food.

In many cases, this leads to mental illnesses such as anorexia (anorexia), bulimia (binge eating), orthorexia (compulsive healthy eating) or binge eating (cravings and uncontrollable binge eating).

How I can help

Together we will get to the bottom of the causes: What leads to unhealthy or compulsive eating behavior? What is actually behind the dissatisfaction with one's own body and weight?

Through various EMDR treatments, I support you in resolving causative psychological conflicts, reducing cravings, and establishing a positive emotional connection with healthy eating behaviors. In addition, we work together to develop simple strategies that you can use to implement behavioral changes that will enrich your life and have a positive impact on your eating habits and weight.

If your thoughts constantly revolve around food or you are plagued by persistent ravenous hunger, ImTT (link) can be used to dissolve the connection between food and the positive feelings associated with it. As a result, you suddenly eat only when your body really needs it, no longer for emotional reasons such as "the soul cries out" or "boredom torments".

Furthermore, I can help you create a customized nutrition plan for your everyday situation that will help establish new, healthy eating habits.

Please note that I recommend cooperation with a medical doctor as well as various examinations. On the one hand, malnutrition can have physical consequences, on the other hand, hormonal disorders (such as thyroid or sex hormone disorders) or intestinal malabsorption as well as other physical causes can also cause the problem at hand. It is important to consider these aspects in order to help you holistically.