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Treatment process & prices

First contact

You can contact me in several ways - by phone (I will call you back if I am not available), but even better by mail, Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram and we will arrange a first appointment.

Initial interview

For the first appointment, I will gladly take 90 minutes for you to agree on treatment goals, take an anamnesis (survey of your most important life events related to the problem) and, based on this, decide together which treatment is reasonable and feasible in your case. On the basis of this, a preliminary treatment plan will be drawn up.
It may also be possible to provide a short course of treatment at this appointment to achieve a short-term improvement in suffering.
If during this initial consultation you find that it is "not a good fit" for you, or I find that I cannot adequately help with the problem, the consultation will be terminated after 20 min and nothing will be charged.


Now sessions are arranged, individually tailored to your treatment plan, in which the difficulties are worked on efficiently. These can be, for example, weekly double sessions with EMDR, 2x weekly neurofeedback, a combination or other variants.
It is important to me that sthe treatment achieves the fastest possible long-term results.


Everything you entrust to me in the course of treatment is, of course, subject to confidentiality (Psychologists Act § 37).


90 minutes psychological treatment/counseling/therapy in Klagenfurt / Vienna / Austria online: € 235,-
Settlement is made by invoice and payment to the specified account.
If it is foreseeable that the treatment will need several units, I will bill you with my referral data after an agreed number of sessions.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to settle with the state health insurance (GKK, SVA, etc.), but many supplementary insurances pay - depending on the tariff - the majority of the treatment, since I am an elective psychologist.

Prices Neurofeedback/ EEG Biofeedback

qEEG examination (link to description): € 350,- (Billing via Diana Siedek)
1 unit of neurofeedback/ EEG biofeedback (approx. 45 - 50 min): € 120,-.

Clinical-psychological treatment is exempt from VAT (§ 6 UStG 1994).

Prices supervision and business coaching

45 minutes supervision: € 150

45 minutes company coaching: € 150,-.

Currently VAT-exempt due to the small business regulation according to §6(1)27 UStG

Cancellation policy

Appointments made can be cancelled or postponed up to 24 hours before the treatment, otherwise they will be charged.

Online therapy

Don't want to come to my office in person (COVID-19), or live too far away?
The treatment is also possible via Zoom & Co.

Online therapy

Don't want to come to my office in person (COVID-19), or live too far away?
The treatment is also possible via Skype & Co.