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Treatment methods

Clinical-psychological treatment

Psychological counseling and treatment aims to jointly develop solutions in difficult life situations and bring about lasting changes. The focus is on recognizing and understanding the causes and background of symptoms, working out coping strategies and reactivating resources and thus regaining mental and physical health. Together we develop ways to achieve a reduction of symptoms and an improvement of your well-being and quality of life.

In the sessions I treat mental disorders that can make you sick -. Traumatization, chronic pain, Depression, Burnout, Fears, Panic attacks and Addictive disorders. In doing so, it is my task to find ways with you to make your life more worth living again.

Whether you are an adult, a child or an adolescent, I can help you break old patterns and find new, better ways. I offer individual as well as couple and family treatments.

Psychological treatment generally takes place on a weekly to bi-weekly basis at the beginning. The duration of the treatment depends on the underlying problem and objective. You can also find out more about this under:

Online therapy

Don't want to come to my office in person (COVID-19), or live too far away?
The treatment is also possible via Skype & Co.