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Panic attacks, fears

No one is completely free of fear, but in some people fear takes on an exaggerated level. Then one speaks of a Anxiety disorder. Although no threat exists, the affected person reacts as if he were in great danger. In the long run, this leads to extreme psychological stress and the quality of life suffers enormously.
At Phobias is the term used to describe fears caused by specific but harmless triggers, such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, social phobias, test anxiety, fear of certain situations (for example, the dentist, injections) and fear of flying. In the absence of treatment, the disorder often becomes chronic, leading to social withdrawal and abuse of medication or alcohol. Also Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can arise to emotionally control anxiety.

How can I help

The ImTT method has been proven in practice to be extremely effective in treating anxiety. In just 1-2 sessions, it is often possible to permanently reduce about 70% of anxiety. To cure the remaining 30%, it may take a little longer. This involves the use of a body-based imagination exercise to release the anxiety from the body.

A frequently helpful combination results from the use of EMDR. Together we look for the first event that triggered this anxiety. In most cases, frightening, threatening events lie behind an anxiety disorder. Using EMDR, these events can be "processed" after the fact, changing and neutralizing the perception of situations that were frightening before treatment. I also treat obsessive-compulsive disorders in a similar way.

Case study

Of a client who came to my practice for anxiety & panic. Mr. B.: "I had my first panic attack in a pharmacy. It was horrible. My heart started racing, I could hardly breathe, and I started hyperventilating. I thought I was going to die. For over eight years I suffered from massive panic attacks. Because of these terrible panic attacks, I used talk therapy for six years. Unfortunately, this therapy did not help - on the contrary, it got worse and worse. Then I became aware of Dr. Diana Schaffer. After just a few EMDR sessions, my panic attacks disappeared. I am infinitely grateful to her. I finally have my zest for life back!"