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Treatment offers

Online treatment

In these cases it is possible to do the treatment via internet without any problems. I will send you a zoom link by mail in advance and at the agreed appointment we will "meet" online via this link.

While not all the possibilities that one has in "tangible" contact are available, many things work excellently online. Experience shows that the results of online treatment are comparable to those in personal contact.

Testimonial of one of my clients Mrs. A.:

Mrs. A.: "I have used EMDR treatments with Dr. Schaffer several times. Due to the current Corona crisis and because of my three children, I can't come to her at the moment and recently took advantage of an online treatment. I could hardly imagine that an online EMDR treatment would actually work, but after only a few minutes I was able to notice the same effect as with a treatment in her office. Just great!"

Important points for online treatment:

  • Prerequisite is a computer with camera and microphone (in principle also possible with cell phone or iPad).

  • During the appointment, please make sure you are undisturbed and in a room where no one can listen and you feel comfortable.

  • It is important to have a stable Internet connection. In case the connection should break down, keep your phone handy next to you. In that case I will call you on the phone. (if both of you try to call, you will end up in each other's mobile box and will not be able to reach each other).

  • Sufficient tissues next to the computer can be very helpful.

  • For laptop: is the battery charged or power available?