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About me

Dr. Diana Schaffer

As a clinical and health psychologist and medical scientist, I see it as my calling to help people out of life crises, to develop new perspectives and to accompany them in the course of change processes.

Psychological problems or chronic pain usually result from emergency situations in which people live or which happen to them and which are associated with much suffering go hand in hand.

That's why it's important to me to work with my clients on Possibilities for fast-acting, efficient and long-term improvement of symptoms to find and the zunderlying disorder to be treated.

The Conversation, targeted psychological techniques and the ability to Analysis around the origins of the behavior understanding is an essential part of my profession.

However work Talking therapies with the cognitive regions of the brain, the seat of thoughts. Trauma, often the Basis for psychological sufferingbut also affects the emotional part of the brain, the difficult to can be achieved. The emotional part of the brain simultaneously controls the body (e.g. heartbeat, blood pressure, digestive tract) via the autonomic nervous system. If an emotion is very intense, it can no longer be influenced by willpower and thought, and is thus difficult to influence by talk or behavior therapy. Here enables EMDR and Neurofeedback the Processing content in the deeper layers of the brainwhere traumatic experience is also stored.

I work with techniques from different therapy directions:

Regular advanced training and observation in different Clinics at home and abroad enable me to latest findings and treatment methods successfully in my practice.

Education, experience, training


Doctorate in Medical Sciences, University of Rostock

EMDR-Europe Practitioner and Consultant


Training as a clinical and health psychologist, University of Klagenfurt

Master's degree in psychology, University of Klagenfurt

NLP Practitioner (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Bachelor studies Organizational Psychology and Computer Science, University of Klagenfurt

IMTT-certified since 2021

Advanced training

job shadowing or internships in mental health facilities at home and abroad

  • Multimodal pain therapy and pain outpatient clinic, LKH-Klagenfurt
  • Urbachtal Acute Clinic, Germany
  • South Florida Integrative Medicine Center, USA
  • Ketamine Health Center, USA
  • Origins Substance-Abuse Treatment Center, USA
  • Rogers Behavioral-Therapy Center, USA
  • The Counseling Group DBT, USA
  • Equilibrium centro therapeutico, USA
  • Coral Gables Counseling Center, USA
  • Oliver Pyatt Eating Disorder House, USA
  • Clementine South Miami, Eating Disorder House for adolescents

Various training courses on the topics

  • Trauma
  • Pain
  • Biofeedback
  • Neurofeedback
  • Evaluation of work-related mental stress
  • Social Competence and Organizational Learning

Body oriented trainings

  • Yoga teacher trainings and advanced trainings
  • Fitness trainer
  • Cranio-Sacral Balancing
Professional activity

Psychological management at FRÜHPOWER
Family intensive caregiver with Auxilior
BFI trainer for job seekers
Clinical psychologist in private practice at the Pro mente Rehabilitation Clinic for Mental Health

Currently Freelance psychological practice in Vienna and Klagenfurt, as well as seminar activities (e.g. for Academy for Trauma Therapy)


Envy. Manifestations, causes and consequences of a social emotion. (Master thesis)

Online questionnaire design for website evaluation. (bachelor thesis)

Project management viewed from a communication structure perspective. (bachelor thesis)

Migraine and burnout as a stress response (dissertation).